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Adding Greets to your Offer Letter
Adding Greets to your Offer Letter

Adding fun, personalized messages in your Offer Letters

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Greets are short, tweet length messages that employees can add to an Offer Letter, helping your candidates feel the team’s excitement while infusing some of your unique culture into offers.

Each offer you create will generate a unique URL for you to send to your team so they can add Greets to the offer. No additional seats or logins required!

Setting up Greets

Greets are enabled by default, but if you ever need to toggle them on or off, visit Settings > Offer Letters > Greets.

Offer Greet Toggle On/Off Screen

Toggling Greets On: Turning Greets on will allow each Offer Letter to generate a unique URL that you can send to your team to solicit messages from your team. If Greets have been submitted, they will show up on both the Offer Letter admin screen and on the live Offer Letter for the candidate. The offer Assignee(s) and any followers of the offer will receive an email notification when a new Greet has been added.

Toggling Greets Off: Once greets are disabled, offers will no longer generate a unique URL, and will no longer appear in either Offer Letter admin or the live Offer Letter for the candidate.

Greet messages will not be deleted if Greets are turned off. If you toggle the feature back on, your previously submitted Greets will re-appear for their respective Offers.

Soliciting Greets from Your Team

With Greets toggled on, your Offer Admin screen will include a section to collect Greet messages from your teammates. Before any messages have been submitted, you'll be presented with a unique URL that is automatically generated when a new Offer is created.

Greets Admin: Empty State

When visiting the URL, your employees will be given the option to enter a short message and add some flair by selecting a celebratory emoji to accompany their message. No login or sign-up is required. Greets are limited to 280 characters.

Leave a new Greet message for your potential new hire

Once a greet is submitted, your employee will be shown a preview of their message, with the ability to edit any mistakes.

Submitted Greet Message

Managing Submitted Greets

Submitted Greet messages will appear on the Offer Letter admin screen, where, as an Owner or Approver, you'll have the ability to delete specific Greet messages. There is a limit of 50 greets that can show up on an Offer Letter!

Submitted Greets - Admin View

The Candidate Experience

Submitted Greets will appear towards the bottom of the Offer Letter and will stack once they've reached maximum width for the viewer.

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