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Using Agora's Docusign Integrations - Overview
Using Agora's Docusign Integrations - Overview

Agora's Docusign integration allows for a legal document to be generated when a candidate is ready to accept their offer.

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Your offer letter has been sent and the candidate is excited and ready to sign on the dotted line - what's next?

Agora lets you upload standardized offer templates as Word documents (.docx or .doc files) that can be automatically customized for each candidate and job offer through our Docusign integration. This allows your candidates to generate and sign their legal documents directly from their offer letter. The offer assignee (creator) - and anyone who has permission to view/edit the offer - will be able to track signatures and see completed documents directly in the offer management view.

To attach a legal document to your offer letter, you'll first will have needed an admin (both on the Docusign and Agora side) to set up the Docusign integration. Agora's Docusign integration is supported in all Docusign plans so there are no additional charges to set this up.

Here's a step by step guide to setting up the Docusign integration.

Creating your legal document templates

When you're creating a legal document template, you'll use a token as a placeholder in the parts of the offer document you'd like Agora to customize. The list of available tokens is below - be sure to use the double brackets i.e. {{YOUR_TOKEN}} around every token so Agora is able to identify what parts of the offer document you want to customize.

Agora Offer Variables (Tokens)







  • {{JOB_TITLE}}







  • {{START_DATE}}


  • {{ANNUAL_SALARY}} - Note: Annualized base salary. For hourly offers, this is calculated as hourly rate x 48 weeks x 40 hours.

  • {{MONTHLY_SALARY}} - Note: Base salary as monthly salary (annual salary divided by 12).



















Docusign Offer Variables (Tokens)

  • {{CANDIDATE_SIGNATURE}} - Note: This variable is required to be included in all legal document templates






  • {{CANDIDATE_TEXT_INPUT}} - Note: This variable will insert multiple lines. Please make sure you place it on a line by itself.

Custom Offer Variables (Tokens)

Any custom fields created in Agora will also be available as tokens on this page. Read more about creating custom fields.

Uploading your Legal Offer Letter Template

To upload a template to Agora, go to the Configure Offer Legal Documents settings page. Any offer assignee (creator) or admin with Offer Settings permissions will have access to this page.

  1. Click on Upload

  2. Name your template - if you do not name the template before uploading the file, we will use the name of the file as it is stored on your computer. The file must be a .docx or .doc file type.

💡 Pro Tip: If you intend to use multiple templates, a best practice is to use a clear naming convention so it’s easy to tell them apart. For example, “Sales Roles_Salary-Equity-Bonus-Commission” might be used for offers to candidates in sales roles that have those four components included in their offer.

*Note - if you select a Docusign template which includes tokens for variables not included in the offer you will get an error that will prevent you from using that template.*

Selecting a Legal Document during Offer Letter creation

After you have uploaded your offer template, you’ll be able to select it during the offer creation flow within the app by clicking “Attach legal document” within the Offer details section and selecting the correct template.

Note that unless the document includes the {{COMPANY_INITIALS} or {{COMPANY_SIGNATURE}} tokens, only the candidate will sign this document (no counter signer).

To select the counter signer, pick that users name from the drop down. Note that the individual must have an Agora account to be selected from this list. Only users with Owner permissions are able to add new users into your Agora account.

Reviewing the Status of the Docusign

Once your Offer Letter has been created, you can view the details of the offer as well as the status of the Docusign on the offer management page for the candidate. You can reach this page by going to the Agora Offers Homepage and clicking on the candidate's name.

Here's how the page appears when the candidate has not yet clicked "Sign the Offer".

You're able to see which legal document template was included with the offer. As long as the candidate has not generated the legal document, you can still make changes.

If a candidate verbally accepts the offer, you can click on the link that says "Click here to generate the legal document" to manually trigger the Docusign generation.

Here is how the page appears when the document has been generated but not yet signed. You will need to void the document before making changes.

Here's how the page appears when the candidate has signed their offer. You are no longer able to make any edits to the offer at this stage.

Click on "View document" to see the signed Document.

Error Messages

Here are explanations of potential errors that may come up when there is a mismatch between fields in the Agora Offer Letter and the selected legal template:

Required Field Error

Required fields from Docusign template are missing in this offer

This error will be displayed when you have included tokens in your Docusign template that do not have corresponding fields in the current offer. When you hover over the error, you'll be able to see which fields are missing.

For example, you select a template that includes the {{SIGN_ON_BONUS}} token, but you have not included a sign on bonus in the offer. This error will block you from saving and sending your offer. In order to correct it, you need to either:

  • Select a new Docusign template that doesn't require the missing field

  • Edit the existing template and re-upload it the Configure Offer Legal Documents settings page

  • Edit the missing field to include data

Optional Variables Error (Alert)

Some offer letter fields are missing in this Docusign template

This alert will be displayed when you have data in fields in your offer letter for which the corresponding token is not present in your Docusign template. When you hover over the alert, you'll be able to see which fields are missing.

For example, you have included a "Target Commission" in your current offer but the {{TARGET_COMMISSION}} token is not present in your Docusign template. This alert will not block you from using the selected template however the commission information will not pull through. To correct this, you need to:

  • Select a new Docusign template that includes the missing token

  • Edit the existing template and re-upload it the Configure Offer Legal Documents settings page

  • Remove data from the problematic field

Editing and Deleting Legal Document Templates

If you need to edit or clean up your legal document templates, you can do so on the Configure Offer Legal Documents settings page.

To delete a legal document click on the trash bin icon.

You are not able to directly edit the name or content of a legal document within Agora but you are able to download it. Click on the download icon next to the relevant template to view the relevant file and make changes. Once you are done, you can re-upload the document. To stay organized, you will want to rename the file to something unique or delete the original template.

What happens when a candidate clicks "Move Forward"?

When a candidate clicks the "Sign the Offer" button in Agora, it will trigger the following chain of events:

  1. The Offer Letter will be immediately generated and sent to both the candidate and and the countersigned via Docusign (as long as a counter signer has been named). They will receive an email similar to this:

2. After the candidate signs the Docusign, the counter signer will be notified. The Offer Assignee(s) and any offer Followers will also be notified that the document has been signed.

3. Once all parties have signed (assuming a counter signer is required), both will receive an email confirmation with the signed document.

Note: If you have enabled the Greenhouse integration within Agora, executed documents will also be pushed to the candidate's record within Greenhouse. If you prefer to disable this feature, you may do so in the Docusign configuration page by toggling off "Sync when offer is signed."

Limitations of Agora's Docusign Integration

Please be aware of some things Agora's Docusign doesn't currently support. We are always working to improve our integration so please let us know if you are experiencing difficulties with these or other limitations.

  • We are unable to alter the signing flow.

  • We are unable to support token dependencies (i.e. if you include bonus information in your offer letter, we are not able to automatically add that token into your legal document).

Other Functionality

Setting up the Docusign Integration can be helpful, even if you are not using Agora's signing flow. When the Docusign integration is enabled, you will be able to see the status of a Docusign sent to the candidate outside of Agora. This is done based on an email match. This will allow you to view the signed Docusign within the Agora app.

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