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Benefits and Benefits Packages - Overview
Benefits and Benefits Packages - Overview

Everything you need to know about creating and managing Benefits and Benefits Packages in Agora!

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Within Agora, you are able to create both Benefits and Benefits Packages to tell candidates and employees the full story (and quantify!) of what is included in their total compensation package.

The Benefits feature allows you to include the estimated value of each benefit which is then rolled up to the top of the candidate's offer letter or employee's portal. You can both customize the standard Agora benefits to your organization and create your own.

You can create multiple Benefits Packages within Agora to mix and match your offerings depending on the candidate or employee the package is assigned to.

A note about Benefits:

Agora's Offer Letter is not meant to replace any official benefits selection process. Rather this feature is intended to provide the candidate with high level information and estimated values of the benefits they are being offered. We include this disclosure in the Benefits section of the Offer Letter:

The benefits listed above are estimates only, and subject to change at the company's discretion.

Admins with Company Settings privileges are able to update the disclosure text in Disclosure Settings.

Getting Started

When creating a new Agora account, you will automatically be prompted to configure your benefits in step 5 of the onboarding flow.

However, you can go back to this at any time! Both account Owners and admins with company settings permissions are able to access the Benefits, Benefit Packages, and Benefits FAQs tabs within settings.

By default each company starts out with a default Standard Benefits Package which includes six benefits with placeholder text and amounts. You'll want to take a look at these and make changes right away.

Benefit Types and Categories

Agora has 13 standard Benefits categories as well as an "Other" option. You control the Benefit's name, description, and estimated value as it is displayed to candidates. Some benefits allow for the display of dependent coverage options. Based on the benefit option selected, the company's estimated annual contribution may change.

You can find the full list of benefit categories, how they behave, and explanation for how dependency coverage works in the Benefit Types & Categories article.

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Benefits.

It's easy to create, edit, or delete Benefits within Agora on the Benefits Settings page in the app. Agora supports the ability to customize your benefits:

  • Add a general benefit description

  • Or, add separate benefit descriptions for candidates (Offer Letters) and employees (Employee Portals). This allows you to create one benefit package but provide different context depending on if the individual is a current or prospective employee.

  • Embed links within your benefit descriptions

  • Include additional benefit documentation as downloadable attachments

  • Add benefit values and dependent coverage information

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Benefits Packages

When you create an Agora account, you will have a default Benefits Package with the ability to create as many additional packages as needed for your organization. Some common use cases for creating multiple Benefits Package are:

  • Country specific Benefits Packages - i.e. US benefits vs. Canada benefits

  • Role specific Benefits Packages - i.e. Executive benefits

  • Employment type Benefits Packages - i.e. benefits for hourly employees

Note that in the case of multiple Benefits Packages the default Benefits Package will automatically be selected but can be changed using the drop down.

Learn more about managing Benefits Packages, including changing the default, in the Creating, Editing, and Deleting Benefits Packages article.

If your organization allows for employees to select between multiple options within a specific benefit category - for example, you offer multiple healthcare plans - you're also able to create and manage Benefit Option Groups within your Benefit Packages.

Selecting a Benefits Package during Offer Letter creation

The Default Benefits Package will automatically be selected when creating a new offer but easily be changed.

When creating your offer click on the Benefits Package field to access the drop down and select the desired package

Click on the x to delete the Benefits Package if this candidate isn't eligible for benefits.

Click Show benefits in package for a reminder of which Benefits are included in this package.

Creating Benefits FAQs

Benefit FAQs can help proactively answer benefit related questions helping you reduce much of the back-and-forth that can happen throughout the recruiting and interviewing process.

Owners or admins with Company Settings privileges can create and edit Benefit FAQs here.

Read more about Setting up Benefits FAQs.


Agora's Offer Letter has a limited ability to convey complexities of the cost associated with each benefit. This is not meant to replace your official benefits selection process but rather provide a candidate with a high level estimate of the value of the offer they are receiving. At this point we are not able to support the following functionality:

  • We are not able to pull benefit information from your HRIS.

  • We are not able to support complexity around retirement plan contributions, including potential tax nuances.

Please get in touch with our team with any questions about functionality not outlined in this document!

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