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Creating Compensation Bands
Creating Compensation Bands

Tips for creating and managing your compensation bands: using CSV upload, manually creating bands, editing bands, and creating competencies.

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Once you have created your Ladders and Levels within Agora, you're now able to set up your compensation bands. There are two ways to get your compensation bands into Agora - upload a CSV file or manually enter the information.

Uploading your Compensation Bands from a CSV file

If you already have your compensation bands stored in a CSV file, it is easy to use the Agora template to upload your CSV file. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Agora and navigate to the Export/Import page in Settings.

  2. Click Export Bands to generate a CSV file containing all of the Ladder and Levels you have already created. It's a best practice to have already created your bands, but if you haven't, we will generate a file for you with sample data.

  3. Reformat your CSV file or enter your data into our CSV template. Please reference the CSV column descriptions guide which explains which fields are required and exactly how the fields need to be formatted.

  4. Return to the Export/Import page, select a CSV file to upload and click Upload now.

A few things to note:

  • You will need Owner permissions or be in a permission group that contains Company Settings permissions. More information about Permissions can be found here.

  • If you have not already created the Ladders and Levels contained in the file, we will create them for you. However, you must create your Payzones first as they will not be created through CSV upload. Create your Payzones here.

  • The import only updates existing Ladders or creates new Ladders, it does not delete Ladder information that is not included in the csv.

  • If your file contains information for fields that have not been turned on within Compensation Settings, that information will be stored, but not displayed until turned on.

  • If your file doesn't follow the exact format reference in the guide, you will receive error messages. If you are having trouble with your CSV upload, please contact the Agora team!

Creating your Compensation Bands Manually

When you create a Ladder within Agora, it will include a table for you to enter your compensation band data. However it might first be helpful to configure which types of data can be displayed within the table based on your Compensation Settings.

You can easily control the types of compensation you offer within your compensation bands. You can toggle each component of compensation on or off, allowing you to create compensation bands aligned with your compensation structure. The settings are global, meaning that whichever option is selected in Compensation Settings will be reflected across all ladders and bands.

And then..

Configure your Compensation Settings here

Editing your Compensation Bands

After you have created a new ladder, you'll land on a page that looks like this:

Step 1: Name your Levels

To get started, click on to L1 then click Edit Role towards the top right to pull up the edit screen for that Level. We recommend adding any job titles typically used at that Level to make it easy for the team to identify the correct Compensation Band for a particular role:

You're also able to add a Track, Description, Job Code (associates your internal bands with standard job levels, i.e. referencing Radford data, making it easier for your team to understand which levels map back to the roles you may have built in your HRIS or ATS) and link to a standardized Agora role.

Step 2: Edit your Compensation Bands

Once you have finished adding any details to your Levels, click on the Edit Bands button to open the editable view of the table:

Keep in mind that if you enter data into one of the three columns corresponding to a compensation type, i.e. Salary Low you will need to add in Salary Target and Salary High for that Level as well:

Click Save to save your work!

A completed table might look something like this, but note that you are not required to fill out the whole table to save your work:

Note: You'll notice that compensation bands are set to the default currency of the organization. Click the currency icon to change the field to a new currency. Learn more about Currency Settings in Agora here.

Referencing Your Compensation Bands

When creating an Offer Letter, you'll now be able to map the candidate to a Ladder/Level and see where they sit within the corresponding band.

You'll need to select both an Internal Role and a Payzone (if you have more than one).

The Compa Ratio is where the candidate is at in relation to the Salary Target or Equity Target.

Creating Competencies

Within a Ladder, scroll down to the Competencies to create, edit or reference competencies for each Level within a Ladder:

Click Edit Competencies to edit and add more details:

Or click New Competency to create a new column:

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