Creating Ladders

Creating, editing, and deleting Ladders as well as how to use Agora's Ladder Templates (Ladder Linking).

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πŸͺœ By building your Ladders in Agora you can bring everyone at your company around a single, centralized source for your job architecture and compensation bands. Agora defines a Ladder as the leveling structure for a particular job family or function within your organization which employees may follow as they develop or progress their experience skill set.

A Ladder can contain Levels, the role titles and descriptions associate with each level and Competencies. Individual Contributors and Managers will have separate Ladders.

Note that to fully create or edit Ladders you must have be an account Owner or be in a permission group that allows for Edit privileges under Organizational Settings.

To create a Ladder in Agora:

  1. Log in to the Agora app

  2. Navigate to the Ladders tab

  3. Click New Ladder

Customizing your Ladders

When creating your Ladders, you'll want to follow these steps to keep organized:

  1. Name your Ladder - this will be the name you will see throughout the app including on the Ladders page that should align with the ladder name you use internally.

  2. Department - If you have multiple Ladders within a single department you can keep track of that here.

  3. Description (optional) - Feel free to add a description if needed.

  4. Set the Minimum and Maximum Levels for this Ladder according to individual tracks such as IC, Support, and Manager. (i.e. your Support team has only L1-L3, you would pick a minimum level or 1 and maximum level of three to only display those rows.

Using Agora Ladder Templates

πŸ–‡ Aka "Ladder Linking"! This functionality allows you to auto-associate your internal Ladder with Agora normalized ladders and will automatically pull in a standard competency framework template.

Note that to use a Ladder Template, you must set your IC levels to 1-6 and Managers levels to 3-7.

Editing or Deleting Ladders

Within your Ladders, you'll be able to edit your compensation bands and add your own competency frameworks.

To edit any Ladder information, navigate to the Ladders page, click into the Ladder, and click on the Edit button in the top right corner.

  • Note: You can change any Ladder information within that edit drawer with the exception of Career Category (Support/Individual Contributor / Manager), which cannot be changed.

  • Also note that if you edit the minimum/maximum levels for a ladder and remove a level in which data already exists, that data will be lost.

To delete a ladder, click on the Delete button at the bottom of the edit drawer.

Next Steps: Create your Compensation Bands!

πŸ’Έ Read more about Compensation Bands & Competencies.

Who can access your Ladders?

Access to Ladder and compensation information stored within those Ladders are controlled by Permission Groups. The three permission groups that pertain to Ladders are:

  • Market Data

  • Organization Structure

  • Compensation Bands

πŸ” Read more about Permission Groups and controlling access to your Ladders

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