Manager Direct Report Permissions

A detailed explanation of manager permission groups, granting managers access, and how to edit direct report information.

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Agora makes it simple to give granular access to different pages and company information within the app, depending on a user’s role within your company. Since compensation is a sensitive topic within most organizations, it’s important to provide permission options that help keep information safe and accessible to only a specific, intended audience.

Once your company has enabled an HRIS integration or imported employee information, Agora is able to tap into the reporting tree of your organization. From there you'll be able to create specific permissions groups allowing managers access only to data that pertains to their own direct or indirect reports within the organization.

With this permission level, Managers are enabled to take the following actions only for their direct reports:

  • View all reports' information including compensation history, bonus history, and equity grants

  • Edit all of their reports' information within the employee record

  • Access to the Employee Analytics page

  • View their reports' Employee Portals

  • View only access to the Compensation Bands to which their direct reports are mapped to (however, managers are unable to personally map or change mappings).

  • View and approve Offer Letters created by Assignees (offer creators) who directly report to them.

Creating and Editing the Manager Permission Group

A Manager permission group is created by default in all new accounts created after August 2022. Accounts without a Manager permission group can follow the steps below to create one OR modify the default permission levels. Note that in order to create new permission groups you must be an Owner in your Agora account. Read more about Permission Groups:

  1. Log in to Agora

  2. Navigate to the Permissions Groups tab in Settings

  3. Click New permission group

  4. Create a new group that at a minimum includes some or all of the following permissions:

Employee Data:

  • View and edit reports: Users who are also people managers will be able to view all data and edit data for their direct reports.


  • None: This setting provides users with no access to offer letters.

  • Manage offers: This setting allows users to create new offers, view and edit offers that were assigned to them, and view any offers they follow that do not directly belong to them.

  • Manage offers and reports: This setting allows users to create new offers, view and edit offers that were assigned to them, view any offers they follow, as well as offers of both direct and indirect reports.

  • Manage all offers: This setting allows users to create, view, and edit all offers within the platform.

Offer Approval:

  • Approve reports' offers: can approve offers of an Assignee (offer creator) that is one of their direct or indirect reports. Note that it is not possible to allow for a hiring manager that is not the direct manager of the offer creator to approve offers.

Compensation Bands:

  • View reports' bands: Allows a user to view only the bands to which one of their direct report has been mapped to.

Granting Managers access in Agora

In order to add a Manager to Agora follow the steps below. Note that in order to add new users you must be an Owner of your Agora account:

  1. Log in to Agora

  2. Navigate to the Users tab in Settings

  3. Click Admins

  4. Add the Manager's email address, name, and select the newly created Managers' permission group

  5. Click Invite user

  6. The Manager will receive an email and upon logging in will see only the allowed information for their direct reports

📌 Note: We highly recommend auditing your Organizational Chart prior to adding new Managers to Agora. Read more about Org Chart functionality here.

Editing Direct Report Information

Your company's direct report information (reporting tree) can either come from your HRIS integration/CSV upload or can be set manually by an Owner, or someone who has access to All Employee Data.

If your company has not connected your HRIS or if Agora hasn’t been able to pull in reporting tree data, you have the ability to add reporting tree information manually on the employee record.

To edit reporting tree information follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Agora

  2. Navigate to the Employee Analytics tab

  3. Search for and select the employee record you would like to edit

  4. In the top right corner, click on the blue Edit button to open the edit drawer

  5. Next to the grayed out manager information box, click on the blue lock icon

6. Note that if this data has already been pulled in via an external source (your HRIS or CSV import), you will see a warning before being able to edit this field. If new manager data for the employee is entered into your external source in the future, it will override the changes you have made.

7. Click Override to unlock the field.

8. You're now able to click into the drop-down to search for and select a new manager for this employee.

9. Click Save employee to save changes

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