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Who has access to your company's org chart and how does it work?

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The Organizational Chart tab allows you to easily visualize your company's reporting tree. This information is pulled from information provided through your HRIS integration or if you have manually imported employee data through a CSV file.

The Org Chart functionality was designed for admins to ensure the correct reporting (and permissions) structure is reflected in Agora.

Who can access the Org Chart tab?

Org Chart functionality is available to companies that have the Employee Compensation package included with their subscription.

The Org Chart tab is only accessible by admins who are either Owners or are in a permission group that allows access to some or All Employee Data access. Read details about Permission Groups here.

How does it work?

The Org Chart displays the employee reporting structure based on data imported from your HRIS or CSV file. Managers that have direct reports will have them automatically grouped under their tile. Employees who do not have managers will be grouped in the Other Employees section.

Click on the purple pill under the Manager's name to expand to see their direct reports. Note that only one Manager can be expanded at a time.

You may click on to any employee's name to open up their employee record. However, this action will only be possible if you have the correct permissions to view that employee's information.

If you have already mapped your employees to your payzones, ladders, and bands that information will be also be displayed on the org chart card and employee record.

This requires you to have set up your HRIS integration or imported CSV files with employee and employment data, and to have created your Ladders. Owners or admins with All Employee Data permissions are able to map employees on the Employees tab under Data Management in Settings.

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