Benefit Types and Categories

See the full list of benefit categories, how they behave, and explanation for how dependency coverage works.

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Within Agora, you are able to create both Benefits and Benefits Packages to tell candidates and employees the full story (and quantify!) of what is included in their total compensation package.

The Benefits feature allow you to include the estimated value of each benefit which is then rolled up to the top of the candidate's offer letter or employee's portal. You can both customize the standard Agora benefits to your organization and create your own.

Types of Benefits

Agora has 13 standard Benefits categories as well as an "Other" option. While you always control the Benefit's name as it is displayed to candidates, based on the Benefit category you choose it could be calculated slightly differently. Some Benefits with dependent coverage included allow the candidate to model how the value of their total Benefits Package changes based on their potential Benefit elections post hire.

List of Benefits

Keep in mind you fully control the name displayed next to the icon, the description, and if the benefit has an estimated value!



This benefit allows for dependent coverage.

Dog (Pet)





Life Insurance


This benefit allows for dependent coverage.





Please note that the % that you enter when you add the value of the retirement plan benefit is calculated as the percentage of the candidate's salary. If you choose to display the value in this way, you may want to note specific details around the company's match program or legal limitations around contribution limits.


This benefit allows for dependent coverage.

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