Candidate Acceptance Feature

Give candidates the option to indicate they would like to move forward (or verbally accept) within their Agora Offer Letter.

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Allow your candidates to verbally accept their offer in Agora!

Within Agora, there are two ways to capture a candidate's intent to accept their offer:

  1. Enable Agora's Docusign Integration which allows that candidate to trigger the generation of your legal offer letter.

  2. Allow candidates to express their intent to move forward with the Candidate Acceptance feature

You may also use neither and instead provide your own instructions to the candidate outside of the Agora Offer Letter.

How to enable the Candidate Acceptance feature:

  1. Log in to the Agora app

  2. Navigate to the Offer Letter Preferences page in Settings. Note that in order to access this page, you must either be an account Owner or be in a permission group that includes Offer Settings permissions. Learn more about Permission Groups.

  3. Toggle on the Candidate Acceptance feature

4. Once toggled on, the Move Forward button will appear on all Agora Offer Letters.

5. When a logged in admin previews the Offer Letter, the Move Forward button will be grayed out as only the candidate will be able to trigger that action.

How it works:

When the candidate clicks the Move Forward! button on their Offer Letter, they will see a pop-up informing them that this is not a legal document and their recruiter will get in touch with them with next steps.

Once they click I understand - let's move forward! they will be unable to trigger that action again unless reset by the Offer Assignee (creator).

After the acceptance has been triggered, an email notification will be sent to the Offer Assignee (creator) as well as any additional Assignees or Followers that have been added to the offer:

The candidate's offer record in Agora will also be updated to the Verbally Accepted stage:

To undo the verbal acceptance, the Offer Assignee (creator) can change the stage back to Published and the Offer will go back to the original stage. The candidate is not able to undo this action however.

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