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Each team within your organization might need visibility into different aspects of Agora but with various levels of permissions. Robust user settings allow for many types of internal stakeholders to be brought into the platform with appropriate access based on their function and role within the organization.

Before inviting a new user, you'll want to set up your permission groups - these determine the broad access to the platform including which modules someone should have access to. This article explains how Permission Groups work.

First Step: Set up and review your Permission Groups within your Agora settings hub. Note that only account Owners will be able to access this tab.

Features and Functionality

It is easy and efficient to sort, filter, and organize organizational users data!

  • Sort the list of users by clicking on the Users or Permission Group column headings. The column(s) you are sorting by will be highlighted:

  • Easily view which users are using Google SSO and Okta SSO based on the badge that appears next to their name and email address. If a badge does not appear, the user is logging in using their email and password:

  • Easily view which users have not yet accepted their invitation based on the red time clock badge next to their name and email:

  • Easily view all employees linked to a certain user by hovering over the blue lightning bolt badge. Users with a grey lightning bolt do not have any assigned employees:

  • View all disabled users within the Disabled tab. View and manage all employees that were invited to the Employee Portal, but do not have admin access to the Agora dashboard under the Unassigned tab.

How to add a new user

  1. Navigate to the Users tab within the settings up. Note that only Owners can access this tab.

  2. Click on the Add users button

  3. In the edit drawer, create and configure a new user profile

    • Work email (this is where the invitation will be sent)

    • First name

    • Permission Group (select from the pre-defined list of permission groups)

    • Compensation bands (optional... continue reading below.)

You can also add multiple new users at the same time by typing or copy and pasting multiple email addresses within the "Work Email" field. You will notice that once more than one email address is added, the First Name column becomes uneditable.

Note: When adding multiple users at the same time, all users must have the same Permission Group.

Assigning compensation band permissions

When you created your permission group, you would have defined the level of comp band access a group has. This is only relevant if you have stored your compensation band information in Agora.

You determined if they had access to:

  • All - and then determined if this group could or couldn't edit data.

  • Limited to direct reports - relevant if you have imported your org structure and are inviting people managers to the platform

  • None

If None has been selected, now is your opportunity to add any Ladders this user should have access to by clicking on "Add individual band permission."

Instructions and use cases:

Step 1: Set a max level this user is able to see across all ladders (this is optional). You may do this separately for IC and Manager tracks.

Use case: Brianna is an HRBP that needs access to all IC comp bands and only up to L3 managers across the organization.

Step 2: Select a Ladder this user should have access to and set level limitations.

Use case: Ben is a customer success team lead (L4). He needs access to band information for his team, but not his own band.

Step 3: Include all Ladders this user needs visibility into and define level access individually.

Use Case: Maria is the Director of Tech Support (Manager - L5) and needs access to all comp band information in both departments she manages, including her own level.

Accessing Compensation Band Information

Users with access to org structure and comp band data will be able to find this on the Jobs tab within Agora. The permission group and individual band permissions dictate which information is visible.

When data exists but the user is unable to access it based on permissions, they will see this message:

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