Custom Offer Letter Fields
Use the "Custom Fields" setting to add to the list of Agora's default Offer Letter fields
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What are custom fields?

Custom fields allow recruiters and hiring managers to add information to an offer that may not be captured via our default fields.

How to create custom fields

Step 1: Log in to the Agora app

Step 2: Navigate to the Custom Fields page in Settings. Note that in order to access this page, you must either be an account Owner or be in a permission group that includes Offer Settings permissions. Learn more about Permission Groups.

Step 3: Click Add New Custom Field to launch the field creation drawer. Details about each option in the creation drawer have been outlined below.

Custom Field Components


Determines what the custom field will be labeled in the Offer Letter for both the candidate and the admin creating the offer. You are unable to give a custom field the same name as a default offer letter field.


This field is auto-generated based on what the admin enters in the Name field. The Token will appear for use in both ATS and Document Signing integrations, allowing you to map fields across systems and include the token in legal templates to dynamically merge information into the legal offer document.


Dictates what type of field the Custom Field should be (ie. Text, Binary Yes/No Selector, Date-Picker, Currency, Number, Select, Percentage, URL, Formula).

  • The type determines what type of data can be entered into the custom field. If you try and enter text into a Number custom field, or do not enter a properly formatted address into a URL custom field, you will see an error.

Category (Placement on Offer):

Indicates where and how the field will get displayed on the offer: the Compensation section, the General Information section, or Internal Facing only.

Compensation - This field will show up as a new element next to compensation boxes at the top of the letter. Once created, this field can be found in the Compensation section of the Offer creation screen.

ℹ️ Currency and Percentage are the only supported field type for the Compensation Overview section.

  • Selecting this option will auto-default the Type box to Currency.

  • New currency fields will inherit to your default currency automatically. If this option is selected, three additional required fields will appear:

    • Sub-headline: Since each compensation field renders as a ‘box’ at the top of the letter, the user will be required to provide a descriptive sub-header.

    • Include in Projection: Selecting Yes will add this field as a variable in the interactive compensation projection chart within the Offer.

    • Is Recurring: Selecting yes will show this custom field in all future yearly projections. Selecting no will show this projection only for the first year.


General Information - The content in this field will appear in the Welcome/Intro box at the top of the offer. Once created, this field can be found in the Offer Details section of the Offer creation screen.


Internal Facing - This field does not appear on the offer letter. Typically used for administrative purposes or if an integration requires additional fields that do not need to appear on the letter itself.



Determines if the field must be filled before saving and publishing the offer.


If YES, the field will appear on new offer creation screens. If NO, the field will not appear during offer creation.

Internal Description:

Show as a tooltip beside the form inputs, and as tooltip for the token in Docusign settings. This is required if this is an Internal Facing field type.

Editing and Deleting Custom Fields

Editing existing custom fields

  • Once created, you are limited in which components can be changed. You may change if the custom field is enabled, required, or it's internal description. You will be unable to change the field Name, Type, Category (placement on offer), or Token. This is because changing the fixed attribute may inadvertently affect existing offers, legal documents, and integration mappings.

Deleting custom fields

  • Currently, custom fields cannot be deleted. They can be removed from the Offer Letter creation form by being disabled by changing the toggle in the “Enabled” component. Contact the Agora support team if there is a field that must be deleted.



Mapping Custom Fields

Any custom field you create in Agora will appear as a mappable field when enabling the Greenhouse integration.

  • Read about how field mapping works and is set up in this section of the Greenhouse setup guide: Mapping Your Variables

Required Fields

The custom fields you determined should be required when creating new offers within the Agora app, will not necessarily be required for the creation of an offer through the Greenhouse integration.

  • For example, if "Role Level" is a required field within Agora, but not required in Greenhouse - the Agora Offer Letter will still be generated through the integration. We advise making the field required in both systems to avoid this loophole.

Note: Offer Letters originating in Greenhouse cannot be edited within Agora, so you will find that all custom fields, similar to default fields, are greyed out when attempting to edit an offer within Agora. Any offer updates must be made within Greenhouse.

Please review the Greenhouse integration documentation for more information.


Any custom field you create in Agora will appear in the Custom Offer Variables section of the Configure Legal Documents page in settings. Customs fields behave the same as the standard offer variable tokens.

Please review the DocuSign integration documentation for more information.


Is there a limit to the number of custom fields a company can create?

  • No, but please note it's not possible to delete custom fields at this time.

Will custom fields work on mobile?

  • Yes! They’ll render properly based on the device's size.

Do custom fields need to have permission parameters?

  • Only account Owners or those in a permission group that includes Offer Settings permissions will be able to create/manage custom fields. Learn more about Permission Groups.

  • Custom fields will appear in every Offer Letter creation form, so use discretion in creating TOP SECRET COMPENSATION TYPEs that you may not want all offer creators to have access to.

Do custom fields show up in Offer Analytics?

  • No

Are special characters allowed in the name/title field?

  • Yes, but special characters will be ignored when generating the Token_Name.

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