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Employee Portal Overview
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The Employee Portal provides key employee and company information, such as role, salary, equity, variable compensation, bonus, benefits, and knowledge base. Employees are granted access to the Employee Portal through a unique login provided by their employer.

Note: Only Admins with relevant permissions are able to enable Employee Portal access for their employees here. Additionally, only those with the “Owner” permission or those who have been assigned to a permission group with the “Company Settings” permission are able make changes to the Employee Portal. For more information, see Permission Groups.

To utilize the top-level and Overview section:

  1. At the top of the portal, general employee information is available. Additionally, the employee will see their total compensation, which is made up of the information within the Overview section.

  2. Within the Overview section:

    1. The employee can view an overview description, which is intended for an employee to immediately see all of their compensation. The description text can be customized to each company.

    2. The employee can access quick links to the following

      1. Base Salary: Annual salary as of today.

      2. Bonuses: Total of all bonuses granted this year (i.e., bonuses that have already been paid out).

      3. Variable: Target variable compensation this year (i.e., bonus and/or commission that is promised if all of the employee’s goals have been met).

      4. Equity: Average equity value vested this year.

      5. Benefits: Company’s estimated annual contribution (i.e., value of the benefits the company provides).

    3. The employee can also access the aforementioned sections as well as My Role and Knowledge Base at any time by clicking into the relevant section(s) on the left-hand side.

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