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Setting up FAQs for Benefits, Compensation, and Equity
Setting up FAQs for Benefits, Compensation, and Equity
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FAQs proactively answer candidate questions helping you reduce much of the back-and-forth that can happen throughout the recruiting and interviewing process. The offer letter supports FAQs in three areas of the offer experience:

  1. Benefits

  2. Cash Compensation

  3. Equity

We've started you off with some of the basics, but you are free to create new FAQs, and delete or update the existing ones.

Example FAQ List in the Offer Letter

Creating New FAQs

Each FAQ consists of a:

  • Question: this is the label candidates will see and click on to get answers to

  • Answer: this is the answer candidates will read after clicking on the question

  • Tag: Tags are used by Agora to determine whether or not to show a specific question. For example, with Equity FAQs, you'll want to select all of the equity types that are applicable to a question or just select them all if you always want to show that question.

You can add, modify, or delete questions and answers by navigating to Settings > Company > FAQs.

Regardless of what type of FAQ you're creating (Compensation, Equity, or Benefit), the process for creating a new FAQ is the same.

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings, and then expand the FAQ section. Next, click on the FAQ type you would like to start generating questions and answers for.

  • Step 2: Click the blue Add New FAQ button or tap "N" on your keyboard.

  • Step 3: Add your question and answer text to the creation sheet. Then select the relevant tags so Agora knows when to display the FAQ for the candidate.

Tagging your FAQs

Tags allow you to automate which FAQs get pulled into the offer based on each respective offer's details. Tags are pre-populated on the FAQ creation sheet based on the FAQ type. To associate a question with a specific tag, simply select the tag while creating the question and save. For example, if you have an FAQ about exercising options, you might not want to show it if the candidate receives RSUs, so you can leave it unselected. If no tags are selected before saving, the FAQ will be saved, but will not be accessible on the offer until they have been associated with a tag.

Benefit Tags

Benefit tags are based on the available benefit types that are supported by Agora. For example, if education benefits are only offered to specific roles, FAQs that have been tagged with education will only appear on the offer if education benefits have been included in the benefits package for the candidate.

Cash Compensation

Cash compensation tags are based on the type of pay (hourly or salary) and if the candidate is eligible for variable compensation, like bonuses or commission.

Equity Tags

Equity tags are based on the share or option types that a candidate has been tentatively granted.

Editing FAQs

Clicking on a question in it's respective FAQ list will open the FAQ creation sheet. Once the sheet has been opened, simply make your edits and click save.

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