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Compensation Philosophy and Cash Details
Compensation Philosophy and Cash Details
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Agora's visual offer letter has a dedicated cash compensation section, giving companies the option to share details around their comp philosophy, OTE, payout frequency, as well as compensation increase and promotion opportunities.

Compensation Philosophy

You have the ability to share details around your current compensation philosophy, giving candidates insight into how their total rewards are calculated. While you can customize the compensation philosophy on a per-offer basis, you can set up a global comp philosophy by navigating to Settings > Company > Comp Philosophy.

Once there, add the default compensation philosophy text you'd like to share with offer candidates.

Your philosophy will now appear above your Cash Compensation details.

Total Target Cash

Total Target Cash represents the sum of your candidate's base and variable commission potential (commission and/or bonus(es)) for their first year of employment. Agora will automatically add any cash values (currency value or percentage based) within the Total Target Cash number.

When creating an offer for hourly base paid employees, Total Target Cash will calculate using the following formula: {Base Salary Amount} x 48 weeks x 40 hours.

Total Target Cash may also be pulled into legal templates which you can learn more about below.

Payout & Review Periods

In addition to your cash compensation details, you may also share both payroll and comp/promotion review frequency with your candidates. These values can be updated via drop down options within Settings > Company > Comp Philosophy

Once set, your frequency details will show up under the your cash salary details

Cash Compensation FAQs

Specific FAQs can be created to explain in more detail your approach to compensation and variable pay outs. To set up your FAQs, please see this help article.

Scenarios that change how the Cash Details section will appear on your Offers

To prevent redundant information from displaying when the hiring company has not set up the majority of details within the Cash Details section, there are specific conditions in which the Cash Details section will appear.

  • If the Offer has a base salary only and no FAQs, the Cash Details box will not appear, and the base salary will only be visible within the Overview section.

  • If the offer is generated via an ATS integration and does not include a base salary value, the Cash Details box will not appear.

  • If the Offer has a base salary only and FAQs, the Cash Details box will appear with a Total Target Cash value (that represents your base salary), but no base salary card.

Legal Template Tokens

The majority of values displayed within the Cash Details section can be pulled into your legal templates via tokens, as outlined below:

  • Total Target Cash: {{TOTAL_CASH_VALUE}}

  • Pay Period: {{PAY_PERIOD_FREQUENCY}}

  • Commission Frequency: {{COMMISSION_FREQUENCY}}

  • Bonus Frequency: {{BONUS_FREQUENCY}}

  • Comp Review Frequency: {{COMP_REVIEW_FREQUENCY}}

  • Promotion Frequency: {{PROMOTION_FREQUENCY}}

For more details on how to use Agora Offers with a legal template, in addition to a full list of supported tokens, please review this help article.

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