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Employee Portal: My Role
Employee Portal: My Role
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Within the Employee Portal, employees can access the My Role section to view key information regarding their role at the company, such as pay range comparison, employee competencies, and growth competencies.

Note: Only those with the “Owner” permission or those who have been assigned to a permission group with the “Company Settings” permission are able make changes to the Employee Portal. For more information, see Permission Groups.

To utilize the My Role section:

  1. Navigate to this section by scrolling down or clicking My Role on the left-hand side.

  2. View the My Role section overview.

  3. Within the Pay range comparison chart, employees have the ability to see where they sit within their own comp band as well as the comp range for the next level up within their ladder and track. The visibility of comp bands is controlled by a universal setting that allows Admins to either hide this information, allow employees to only see their position within their own band, and/or allow employees to see their position within their own band and the next level up. From this section, the employee can view the following:

    Note: Visibility of this information requires that the company has already created job architecture within Agora (Ladders, Tracks, Levels, and Salary Bands) and have completed the process of mapping employees to their respective roles. If you have the associated permissions to set up this information, see Compensation Management Overview.

    1. Current level: Indicated by the orange line, this is the level the employee is at today.

    2. Next level: Indicated by the blue line, this is the next level within the employee’s track.

    3. Current salary: Indicated by the yellow dot, this is the employee’s salary as of today. Hover over this dot to view their current salary; this can be compared their current level range as well as their next level range.

  4. Under Your competencies and Growth competencies, the level and associated information displayed are provided by the employer. Utilize the carrot icons associated with each section to expand or minimize as needed.

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