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Employee Portal: Variable Compensation
Employee Portal: Variable Compensation
Written by Rachel DeMarco
Updated over a week ago

Within the Employee Portal, employees can access the Variable Compensation section, which provides information on current and historical target bonuses or commission. These potential targets differ from Base Salary <(TEST LINK TO SECTION)>, which is a guaranteed amount.

Note: Only those with the “Owner” permission or those who have been assigned to a permission group with the “Company Settings” permission are able make changes to the Employee Portal. For more information, see Permission Groups.

To utilize the Variable Compensation section:

  1. Navigate to this section by scrolling down or clicking Variable Compensation on the left-hand side.

  2. The employee can view a description of the variable compensation. The company is able to customize the description text under the Variable Compensation header.

    Note: Those with relevant permissions can adjust the target bonus and/or target commission through the employee record. To do so, navigate to Analytics > Employees and select the relevant employee. This information must be uploaded on a per employee basis. Agora does not currently support CSV uploads or an HRIS integration for Variable Compensation.

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