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Employee Portal: Bonus
Employee Portal: Bonus
Written by Rachel DeMarco
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Within the Employee Portal, employees can access the Bonus section, which provides information on bonuses they have received each year. This differs from the Variable Compensation (link to section) section, which represents target bonuses and/or target compensation that a user may or may not receive.

Note: Only those with the “Owner” permission or those who have been assigned to a permission group with the “Company Settings” permission are able make changes to the Employee Portal. For more information, see Permission Groups.

To utilize the Bonus section:

  1. Navigate to this section by scrolling down or clicking Bonus on the left-hand side.

  2. The employee can view a description of their bonuses. The company is able to customize the description text under the Bonus heading.

  3. The top-level information provides the employee’s bonus received for the current year as well as how much their bonus has increased from their last bonus. This amount stays the same regardless of the Bonus timeline selected.

  4. To view the employee’s bonus growth for a specific year, select that year under Bonus timeline. To view all bonuses, select “All Time.”

  5. Hover of the Bonus growth chart to view the bonus amount and date associated with each bonus the employee has received. This bar chart is cumulative of all bonuses.

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