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Employee Portal: Benefits
Employee Portal: Benefits
Written by Rachel DeMarco
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Within the Employee Portal, employees can access the Benefits section, which provides information on available benefits through their company as well as their estimated values. For more information on benefits and benefits packages, see Benefits and Benefits Packages - Overview.

Note: Only those with the “Owner” permission or those who have been assigned to a permission group with the “Company Settings” permission are able make changes to the Employee Portal. For more information, see Permission Groups.

To utilize the Benefits section:

  1. Navigate to this section by scrolling down or clicking Benefits on the left-hand side.

  2. The top-level amount shows the annual value of the employee’s benefits as of today.\

  3. Scroll through the list of benefits to view the available options, such as medical benefits, free lunches, etc. Each benefit details what the company offers and its associated value, when applicable, as opposed to the actual selection for each benefit. Some benefits may include attachments that the employee can view, like a lunch menu. Adjusting fields, such as Dependents for certain benefits, will update both the Estimated Value for that benefit as well as the overall top-level amount.

    Note: These benefits are determined by the employer. Those with relevant permissions can customize separate descriptions for both the Offer Letter and Employee Portal. However, values and attachments will appear in both the Offer Letter and the Employee Portal.

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