Okta SSO: Assigning Users
Written by Rachel DeMarco
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Within Okta, you can assign individuals or groups to the Agora application.

To assign users to Agora:

  1. Within Okta, navigate to the Assignments tab.

  2. You can assign users individually or by group. To do so, follow the relevant steps:

    1. To assign users individually:

      1. Expand the Assign dropdown and select “Assign to People.”

      2. Click the Assign button associated with the person you’d like to assign to Agora.

      3. Adjust the associated fields as needed.

      4. Click Save and Go Back.

    2. To assign by group:

      1. Expand the Assign dropdown and select “Assign to Groups.”

      2. Click the Assign button associated with the group you’d like to assign to Agora.

      3. Click Done.

  3. To remove a user or group from the Agora application in Okta:

    1. Navigate to the relevant tab and click the Delete icon associated with the relevant user or group.

    2. From the confirmation popup, click OK.

  4. To verify that the users you’ve assigned are properly set up in Agora for SSO:

    1. Navigate to Agora, keeping Okta open in another tab.

    2. On the bottom-left of your Agora dashboard, click Settings.

    3. Navigate to Organization > Users. From here, you can view the users and/or groups you’ve assigned.

    4. To add users who do not yet have accounts in Agora:

      1. Click Add Users.

      2. Enter the user’s information. When necessary, click Add Individual Band Permission and apply relevant settings. Next, click Invite User. If the user has already been added under the Assignments tab in Okta, the user will automatically appear within this Users list.

        Note: Once a user has been added, the IT Admin still needs to set up that user with relevant permissions within Agora. For more information on permissions, see User Level Permissions.

      3. To update user permissions or add individual band permissions at any time, click the relevant user, add or adjust information as needed, and click Save.

  5. If one or more users have been assigned prior to provisioning the app, follow these steps:

    1. In Okta, navigate to the Assignments tab and find the user(s) with a red warning icon. Clicking this icon will display a message stating that the user was assigned to the application before provisioning was enabled.

    2. To provision the relevant user(s), click Provision User. This action will apply to all users that need to be provisioned.

    3. From the Provision User popup, click OK.

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