Managing Your Templates

Learn how to manage your templates!

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The following details how to manage templates, such as creating new templates, applying templates to Offer Letters, editing existing templates, cloning a template, setting a template as your default, and archiving templates.

Adding New Templates

To add a new template:

  1. Click New template.

  2. From the New template popup, enter the New template name and click OK.

  3. Enter a description, which will only be viewable internally, as needed.

  4. Navigate through the following tabs and enter the relevant information, as needed:

Applying Templates to Offer Letters

To apply an Offer Letter template to an offer, from the offer creation form, expand the Template name dropdown and select the relevant template to apply to the offer.

Note: If you apply a different template to an offer that has already been saved, it will overwrite all existing settings and preferences for that offer.

Editing Existing Templates

For existing templates, any changes made to template fields will automatically be updated within existing offers. For instance, updating a branding color will change the color for all associated offers. Updating any default offer fields within a template will not update existing offers utilizing that template. For instance, updating the default Job Title within a template will not override the Job Title in existing offers using that template.

To edit an existing template:

  1. Click into the relevant template or click the associated Edit button.

  2. Make any necessary changes, and click Save.

Cloning Templates

Cloning a template creates a duplicate of the original, replicating all of the settings and configuration.

To clone a template:

  1. Locate the relevant template and click Clone.

  2. From the Clone template popup, rename the template so it is different from the original and click OK.

Setting Templates as the Default

To set a template as your default:

  1. Locate the relevant template and click Set as default.

  2. From the Set as default template popup, click OK.

Archiving Templates

To archive a template:

  1. Locate the relevant template and click Archive.

  2. From the Archive template popup, click OK. Templates that have been archived move to the Archived tab, noting the archived date, and can be unarchived in the future.

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