Cash Template Details
Written by Rachel DeMarco
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Within the Cash tab, you can customize the cash communication and variable compensation options your candidate will see on their Offer Letter, such as on-target earnings, default currency, target bonus, and target commission.

Note: Updating default offer fields within a template will not update existing offers.

To set your default cash communication and variable compensation information:

  1. Fill in the following Cash Communication options:

    1. Enable or disable the Default Flexible and Use on-target earnings instead of base salary toggles, as needed. For more information regarding flexible job offers, see Creating Flexible Job Offers. For more information regarding on-target earnings, see Creating Offer Letters with On-Target Earnings.

    2. Set the Default base salary pay-period and Default currency, as needed.

    3. Set the default salary increase percentage using the associated field. The amount entered here will be used in the Compensation projection section of the Offer Letter.

  2. From the Variable Compensation section, fill in the relevant fields, adjusting the currency, as needed.

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